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Articulated Trucks

Asphalt Pavers are indispensable equipment in the world of construction. Our asphalt is equipped with advanced technology that can make rough roads into sleek and durable road surfaces.

These machines are designed to efficiently lay and compress asphalt mixtures, ensuring a uniform and high-quality road surface. It involved different processes:

  • The asphalt mixture is being fed into the paver’s hopper. 
  • The machine then uses a conveyor system to transport the material to the screed, where it is evenly distributed and leveled. 
  • The screed plays a key role in determining the final smoothness and thickness of the asphalt layer.

Our pavers are incorporated with automated systems that can such as material flow, paving speed, and screed adjustments, ensuring optimal results with each pass. We manufacture eco-friendly equipment with the least emission and the use of recycled materials in asphalt mixtures.